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The NC State Student Chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society. For anyone involved with or interested in biomedical engineering at NC State, you are in the right place! Hope to see you at our next meeting!

About Us

Learn more about the people who help the Biomedical Engineering Society run and work hard to give you a fun and interesting experience!


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Executive Manager

Emma Etter




I am a 20-year-old junior who has lived in Virginia, North Carolina, and Germany (military family).  I am have participated in two NSF funded REU programs and am the leader of the Cybathlon Team at NC State, a club that will compete internationally with a prosthetic leg that we build.  My interest is in biomechanics and advancing the quality of affordable prosthetics. Professionally, I would like to get a Master’s or PhD degree so that I may lead my own research team.


Personal Mission: To use my expertise to help the less fortunate live the best life that they possibly can through the development of reliable and innovative prosthetics.

Event Coordinator

Emily Keller



My name is Nathan and I am the Vice President of BMES. I’m from Hudson, Ohio. I am a Biomedical Engineering major with a concentration in biomaterials and a minor in Nano-science. Currently, I am a confocal specialist for the BME department, and do research for Dr. Greenbaum regarding tissue clearing techniques. I hope to work with a company in research and development of medical devices.

Meeting Coordinator

Nathan Johnson


My name is Jefferson Bercaw. I’m a sophomore Biomedical Engineering student from Greensboro, NC and I’m the Outreach Officer of BMES. I am a National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge Scholar and a University Scholar. I am very interested in conducting research within my field. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing, kayaking, and working as a soccer referee for youth matches all over NC.


Jefferson Bercaw

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Noah Lozevski



Hey there! My name is Chris Vogel and I am a sophomore in Biomedical Engineering from Raleigh, North Carolina. I am the marketing chair of BMES. I am considering a concentration in Pharmacoengineering or Regenerative Medicine. I hope to eventually either go to medical school, or go on to do some form of chemical engineering in the medical sector. In my free time I enjoy swimming, running, playing with my dogs, or playing games online with my friends.


Chris Vogel




Hi everyone! My name is Chloé and I am the Executive Board Member of BMES. I'm originally from Philadelphia, PA (Go Eagles!) and am a junior studying Biomedical Engineering. On campus, I'm involved in Engineering Ambassadors, Grand Challenge Scholars, am the Corporate Executive for SHPE, a NCSU Makerspace employee and have done research in 3D printing. I am passionate about improving the quality of life of others and hope to go into the field of rehabilitation engineering, bioprinting or gene therapy! In my spare time, I enjoy snowboarding, skateboarding, traveling, art, STEM outreach and acting for human rights!

Executive Board Member

Chloe Sanchez-Prado



Engineering Building III, Centennial Campus at North Carolina State University



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